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Confirmed 177 CN working..chirp method VS ULTRA

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Confirmed 177 CN working..chirp method VS ULTRA

Post  shadow on Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:37 am

Confirmed 177 CN working..chirp method VS ULTRA

Delete all channels by going to:
Menu and selecting:
Edit channels:
Right arrow to select delete:
and hit f3 to delete all channels.
exit and save

Now goto Channel Scan
Satellite ( Pick ********110*)
Network Search (OFF)
Scroll down to edit transponders
Hit F3 button on remote & DELETE ALL TRANSPONDERS
After deleting hit F1 on remote to add user transponder.
Freq = 12486,S/R = 20000,Pol = V,FEC = 5/6,TV & Radio will be zero because I'ts not saved yet. NOW EXIT on Remote.
HIT F4 to manually add user channel
VIDEO PID = 6946
AUDIO PID = 6947 (always one up from video no matter what!!)
PCR PID = 6946
HIT ENTER on remote
Now hit exit & save !!!
NOW WATCH Cartoon Network!!!
This is for bird 110*
Alot more testing is under way for other channels and wondering if channel editor can be used to manually enter tp's and channel pids for each bird!
Will post results at a later time for other channels
testing-pansat 2700 n2
-vs ultra
-vs extreme
-vs platium
-vs ultra lite
-cw 700
simi retired-coolsat 5000


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